The Broken Claw

Week 1 Summary

The session started with the party speaking with Urit at The Broken Claw regarding missions that were currently available:

  • Competition at The Shadows & Sparrows
  • Help transporting a Drum Tide Argosy shipment, that is a likely target of the Deic Fleet
  • Help with a village that is being attacked by Madfire Burners
  • Help Santos Jones

The party decided to speak with Santos to at least hear out what was wished of them but also to speak with Adine regarding the DTA shipment. Urit agreed to set up the meeting with Santos and told the group Adine would no doubt be found at the Docks.
The group found their way to the DTA building where after a slightly short wait and a ‘rude’ secretary found themselves speaking with Adine and agreeing to the job, which would likely be taking place in four nights’ time, although Adine agreed to contact them if this were to change.

After a short wait which saw the party split to their normal lives they regrouped to speak with Santos. Meeting at The Broken Claw guild house. Santos explained the situation, he had fallen for Lady Leila Chandler, whilst the pair had been learning to sail with the Harbourmaster, Todd Goodwin, however despite sharing his feelings Leila had been betrothed to Lord Zachariah Randolph and was intending to see her family’s wishes through.

Santos was convinced if he could speak with her once more he could convince her to leave with him. Managing to get the party to agree to at least reach out to her. Astrid arranged to meet with her.

During the meeting Astrid, Essie & Rana spoke regarding Leila’s options and when asked her own wishes she expressed her want to be with Santos. This led to the group concocting a ‘kidnapping’ to get Leila away and to the docks to Santos the following day.
The following morning the group worked upon the plan, borrowing The Broken Claw Carriage. Knowing she would be identifiable Astrid chose not to attend the ‘kidnapping’ instead attending court where she would be seen.

At court the usual court ladies were chittering away, Astrid joining the conversation steering it towards the upcoming wedding. Through this she found that Zachariah had planned to be in attendance with Leila that day at the preparation events. Astrid quickly left court intending to reach the ‘scene’ to see how it went.

Meanwhile the kidnapping itself worked quite well. Lady Leila released the smoke bomb as instructed and was whisked away by the group. The majority of the group left the carriage early leaving Halmund to take a detour round the University district. He was stopped by a guard however as the carriage was empty they let him pass.

Meanwhile Astrid stopped via the scene of the kidnapping, finding Lord Randolph shouting at various members of the guard, thinking she could send him in the wrong direction she spoke with him regarding a sighting near the wizards tower, however when looking for back up to her story Moira stumbled and Lord Randolph drew his weapon, levelling it at Astrid and asking where Leila had gone…



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