The Broken Claw

Week 2

(Not in attendance, Essie & Halmund)

Starting from the end of last session: ‘Where is she?’ Lord Randolph questioned Astrid further. Astrid stated she didn’t know where she was at this moment, managing to deflect the questioning by insinuating she was investigating Leila, with her charisma and the rumours of her familiy’s involvement in the V&W Lord Randolph decided this was not the time for that conversation. He allowed her to continue on as he had more important things to be doing at that time.

Meanwhile Rana had stopped a young girl who had been following the party at the docks. Through some rather circular conversation she introduced herself as Lily and demanded to speak with Lady Hawthorn for reasons that were none of Rana’s business. Rana deflected the girl who said she’d just go wait at the Whoreporium for Essie to return. Whilst Lily was pretending to walk off Rana slipped away unnoticed.

Marcus meanwhile had gone ahead with Leila towards Santos’ home, Leila shifting from trying to hide to slightly more excited to be away. Reaching Santos’ the group knocked and the door when unanswered. Rana caught up with the small group and (after checking it was actually locked in the first place) picked the lock on the door. The room beyond had been trashed, broken furniture cluttering the floor. Although no distinct signs of a struggle.

Meanwhile Astrid decided to drop into the Guild House to see if any news had reached, finding Urit sat in the bar. Urit asked why Astrid was not with her companions on their mission and if anything were to go wrong Astrid would likely be in trouble due to not being there to help. With Moira helping confirm they were not being followed they headed for the docks to find the others

‘I know what happened!’ The slightly familiar voice popped up as the Rana and Marcus were trying to work out what had occurred. Once again talking in confusing circles and talking herself out of needing anything in return, she informed them that she has seen Santos waiting outside, a large man in a bird shirt arrive, they moved inside and then she heard a lot of banging and smashing, then the two left. She also mentioned seeing someone go in through the window after and leave shortly after carrying a bag ‘the right size to fit a head in’.

Deciding not to drag Leila through the search for Santos they ask where she would be safe, stating that Todd would look after her. Rana, Marcus & Leilawith Lily following after headed for the Harbourmasters house. Conveniently bumping into Astrid and Moira on route.

At the Harbourmasters house, ToddGoodwin agreed to look after Leila however quite clearly expressed his dislike in her plan. Moira stayed behind with them to act as a guard whilst the group went to find Buckminster Silk, the only person known for wearing bird attire. Heading for The Shadows and Sparrows to find him.

Upon arrival Astrid got the group through the doors by revealing herself to the guard’s, stating the others were servants who were necessary for her business. Once inside the group spoken with one of the bartenders asking to speak with Buckminster, hurrying them when they said they’d have to wait.

Speaking with Buck they found that Santos had been sent to call in a debt from Bobbi, a friend of his at the Library, as part of a debt he himself owed. In order to get this information Astrid agreed to a favour to be paid at a later date. During this conversation the group spotted Lily stealing a small purse from the side.

On arrival at the Library, Santos and a woman quickly identified as Bobbi are standing in the grounds weapons draw, shouting about the debt owed. The party quickly interjected themselves into the conversation which quickly turned to a fight. Astrid left to find the guard hoping to resolve the situation without bloodshed however by the time she returned Marcus and Rana had already ended the fight. With Bobbi dead in the street the guard asked Astrid and the group’s involvement which Astrid deflected as Noble business . The guard stated he would need to speak with her later agreeing to attend her home later in the day.

The group quickly rushed Santos to the docks and Leila, although not happy Todd allows them to go and after paying the group the pair left quickly to the waiting ship. During this scene Lily also handed Astrid 10 gold from the purse she stole stating it was a finders fee for getting her into the Shadows in the first place.

At this point the group split to their own evenings, Rana and Marcus spending the evening in the Guild bar to celebrate a job well done whilst Astrid returned home with Lily in tow, explaining to the young girl that she would need to stay out of the way and keep her head down.

Once home Astrid some with her mother, who asked firstly about the guard who had visited the house, Astrid loosely explained the situation which her mother seemed to accept without much further questioning. However, she then asked about the young girl currently raiding her house fridge, asking for her to be brought upstairs. Asking Astrid to wait outside Lady Ana cast glow to check and confirm Lily’s spellbound nature. Through the following conversation Lady Ana made it clear to Astrid Lily was now her responsibility and if anything about a rogue spellbound were to be found linked to House Calcifer then the situation would have to be dealt with…



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