The Broken Claw

Week 3

Astrid woke to a slightly sagging bed canopy and a tapping at the door, Callie stating she had a message for her. Checking her bed, she found Lily curled up asleep on the top of it. First Astrid listened to Callie then waking Lily by shaking the canopy. Lily suddenly alert landed almost silently upon the floor and quickly went for daggers that weren’t there. Snapping to her sense she settled, and asked for the day’s plans, deciding not to leave her at home Astrid decided to take her along, stopping via a nearby store to get her a change of clothes.

Urit also sent messages to the other group members saying she’d received word from Adine and to meet her at the guild house when they could. Most quickly making their way there. Rana quickly asking why Lily had been brought and Urit seconding the questioning. The group quickly set to bickering amongst themselves about her involvement. During this time Lily took the opportunity to have a small chat to Essie.

Revealing herself as a bastard child of Lady Reyna Diesel and an unknown father, Lily asked Essie to pass a message onto Vincenzo, letting him know he had a half-sister who would like to return to the family. Essie said she’d reach out when she could. Wishing to follow up on that she took Lily and headed for the Whoreporium whilst the others went to meeting with Adine.

At the docks Adine let the group know that the shipment would be moved the following evening and to be ready to move out. Confirming the 1500 payment on completion. The group then decided to deal with their own business for the rest of the day.

At the Whoreporium Essie sent word for Vincenzo chatting to Lily in the meantime. Occasionally being shouted at by Natasha from the upstairs as her, Vix and Meryl were trying to sleep. Halmund dropped by to check on the situation with Lily offering to take her by the workshop as Essie mentioned Lord Diesel. Lily said she would catch up with him when Vincenzo arrived.

Astrid decided to drop into court, noting Lord Randolph and Lady Chandler holding a small court in the corner, both looking rather angry (considering it was meant to be the wedding today this didn’t seem too odd). Astrid avoided them for the most part, primarily talking to Lady Lana Tregaria about the rumours circulating about what happened to Leila.

Rana dropped in on the Urchins in the Harbour, talking briefly to Lupe, the older of the troupe, who essentially told her what they were up to was none of her business as Rana had moved on. However, a younger girl, known as Reva, told Rana that they were setting up for a job, which was why Lupe was on edge.

Marcus decided to trawl the market district of The Plunge, stopping at a few stalls spotting a few oddities. The main find was some Oryn’ja trickets made from Oranjese Steel which could potentially be melted down for other things.

Vincenzo eventually arrived at The Whoreporium immediately asking why there was a young child sat in the lounge. Essie and Lily told him about the situation and Vincenzo quickly left stating he didn’t care about the girl at all. Shortly after Astrid arrived passing Vincenzo as he left. Being quickly filled in on the details. She mentioned to Lily that she was once an orphan too whih led to Lily eventually asking ‘what are your parents’ and when Astrid diverted the questions Lily stated ‘Mine are cats!’ and stormed out.

Halmund, Rana & Marcus grouped up in the Guild House, Rana & Marcus hovering whilst Halmund worked in his workshop, as they were talking a man wandered in asking after them. Introducing himself as Arlen, and offering a counter to the delivery. Saying he’d pay them more than The Drum Tide Argosy and give a cut of the goods if they could just be diverted. The group told him to leave and he bid them a good day and left. The trio didn’t pass this information onto Essie & Astrid deciding amongst themselves not to turn on the DTA.

The group regrouped at the docks the following evening, Astrid asking Callie to look into where Lily had gone whilst she was gone.

At the docks Adine was waiting with a group of her guards and two wagons. Explaining to the group that her and most of her guards are going with a decoy carriage through the lower districts whilst the group are to take the main carriage through the caves and into the noble districts. They headed out after a short conversation. Rana took point over the rooftops and stopped to scope out the caves from the group. They noticed movement in the caverns so Rana, Astrid, Moira and Marcus went to clear the way before moving on



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