Buckminster Silk

Proprieter of The Shadows & Sparrows

Keen Eye

Checked: 15/03/18

  • Wealth Level: 12
  • Home Region: Marnh
  • Class Titles: Warrior
  • Inspirations: 1 Revenge & 1 Love
  • Owner of The Shadows & Sparrows
  • Lottery Winner
  • Not a man to be messed with

Buck is the proprietor of The Shadows & Sparrows club, he is known to be a reasonable man until he decides that he isn’t. Money talks around Buck whether it comes from legal hands or not, and The Shadows & Sparrows is one of the only places in the city which almost has a law unto itself.

Buck entered the tournament but got knocked out in the first round by Urit. He fought with his Great Axe but couldn’t keep up with her movements.

Buckminster Silk

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