Urit Malachi

Noted member of The Broken Claw


Urit Malachi is a senior member in The Broken Claw. She is currently your senior and is therefore the one in charge of keeping you in line. Within the Guild Urit has a flawless record, all her missions have been a rousing success and by now you figure she has to have a decent sum of money to her name.

The little she’s mentioned of her past is that she came from the Fyraji Forest, she moved into Marnh after making her way south after the start of the Shadow War in Thyre.

Urit was one of the people grabbed across the city, and later saved by the group, however, as one of those who spent the longest in captivity she came back covered black and blue in bruises and cuts and harrowed by the events.


Urit Malachi

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