Right Hand Man of the Angel Scream Guild


Keen Eye Info:
WL 5, Home Region: Marnh, Class Titles: Master & Inspirations: 1 Love, 1 Hatred


Ziv is the highest ranking member of The Angel Scream Guild who is known to others in the Underworld, he is known to members of The Broken Claw as he is the point of contact regarding the treaty between the Guilds.

After the Princess fled the city with Alucard the group know that Ziv has taken charge of the Angel Scream Guild although a lot of their members have currently gone to ground. He often is found in their secondary bar ‘The Quiet Quail’

Ziv is currently one of the only people who knows where Astrid is after having got her away from the city. When asked he will usually respond with “She’s safe” and refuse to talk about it further.



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