Tag: Angel Scream Guild


  • Grace Shalloch

    The leader of the Angel Scream Guild often referred to as 'The Angel'. Only a small group of people know exactly who she is. Recently, after the attempted assassination the team found out that Grace Shalloch is the [[:princess-grace | Princess ]]. On …

  • Grenne

    Grenne is a known member of The Angel Scream Guild, he's often seen about the city, usually in the wake of something expensive going missing. Recently he'd taken a step up in the guild, bragging when he was seen in lower-city by Rana, Marcus and …

  • Kiev

    Kiev is a go between for the Angel Scream Guild for some of the smaller groups within Queensport. The prime known example is that Kiev dealt with Rana when she went from The Urchins through to the Angel Scream Guild.