Tag: Ebon Falcons


  • Lupe

    Lupe was in charge of the Urchins operating out of The Plunge, he operated fairly effectively and has shown disregard to some of their rules. However, these were mainly disregarded to keep some of their younger members safe. He has been recruited into …

  • Reva

    One of the youngest members of the Urchins, she works out of The Plunge with Lupe and his crew. When Lupe moved to work with the Ebon Falcons he only agreed to go if Rana agreed to take Reva as well.

  • Berman

    A Seradynn troll with a talent for money, Berman is both the barkeep of the Krack-Inn and treasurer for the Falcons. Despite his talents, be kept quiet and flew under the radar of Angel Scream. However, an encounter with Rana when she was with the Screams …

  • Helga

    Helga is a nineblood built like the proverbial brick shit house. She goes where Berman goes, and it’s pretty clear that they’re more than just friends. Helga is the bouncer for the Krack-Inn, and isn’t opposed to Krack-Inn a few heads together for the …