Tag: House Diesel


  • Vincenzo Diesel

    Baron Vincenzo Diesel is the eldest son of House Diesel and the successor of power when his Father passed. He handled many of the families trade ventures regarding the House Vineyards. He is also known to attend Lady Hawthorns', having a connection to …

  • Tobias Diesel

    Tobias is the middle son of House Diesel, and rival to Vinchenzo for the Houses' power. Unlike his brother however, Tobias shows little interest in gaining it. He primarily enjoys his time being a son of a High powered family.

  • Marco Diesel

    Marco is the youngest of the Diesel sons, whereas his brothers have been played against each other for their lives he got away with being quite carefree. Often outside of the city on one errand or another for the family. Now Vincenzo is in charge, Marco …