Tag: House Ipres


  • King Ephraim IV

    King Ephraim IV is the ruling monarch of Marnh. Spending most of his time in the Marnhish capital Dresgilioch. He is known to have good links to the ruling House of Akra, meaning that Marnh are unlikely to be attacked from their main northern border. …

  • Queen Marta

    The Queen of Marnh and a known powerful Witch, she is the Mother of Princess Grace and Prince Antonin. Queen Marta is the magic to the King's brute force, where one tactic fails the others succeeds. often without anyone knowing exactly which method has …

  • Princess Grace

    The heir to the throne in Marnh, lives primarily within Queensport alongisde her brother Prince Antonin. She is studying at the university to prepare her for taking the throne.

  • Prince Antonin

    The Prince of Marnh. Spends most of his time in Queensport alongside his sister, both studying at the University. Whereas Princess Grace is being tutored to take the throne, Prince Antonin is being taught tactics and strategy to take over as head of his …