Tag: House Leir


  • Duke Matei Leir

    The ruling Duke of Queensport and head of House Leir. His grandfather was given the title for helping King Ephraim's grandfather take the throne of Marnh and House Leir have continued to serve keeping them in high stead with House Ipres.

  • Duchess Kaela Leir

    Originally of Thyre, Kaela is a known Royalist. Her marriage to Duke Matei was no surprise as his family, House Leir are known for their strong royal support.

  • Lady Daphne

    The eldest child of House Leir and head of the city guard. There are rumours she only got the role due to her father being the Duke however anyone on the opposite side of her in a fight will tell you that that is definitely not the case. She is …

  • Ona Leir

    Lady Ona is the younger daughter of House Leir, and is betrothed to [[:prince-antonin | Prince Antonin]]. She is known to throw glittering parties and is a shining jewel of the Queensport Court. The servants of Queensport are very certain the engagement …