Tag: House Lusca


  • Henry Lusca

    The head of House Lusca, known to be ruthless regarding what he believes are his. Briefly seen in attendance of the Prince's birthday.

  • Katarina Lusca

    Lady Katarina Lusca is the wife of Henry and mother of Elena & Edward. She is known to have trouble fitting into Noble life but is fiercely protective of her children.

  • Anne Lusca

    An unknown to most of the group, she clearly knows [[:marce-marcus-prumathe | Marcus]] and seems friendly with [[:captain-emery | Alucard]]. She went to Avedine after Alucard and Grace and has returned to the City alongside the Princess. She has been …

  • Elena Lusca

    The daughter of Herny and Katarina Lusca. Was seen attending the Prince's ball with Tobias Diesel