Tag: Noble


  • Duchess Kaela Leir

    Originally of Thyre, Kaela is a known Royalist. Her marriage to Duke Matei was no surprise as his family, House Leir are known for their strong royal support.

  • Ona Leir

    Lady Ona is the younger daughter of House Leir, and is betrothed to [[:prince-antonin | Prince Antonin]]. She is known to throw glittering parties and is a shining jewel of the Queensport Court.

  • Icarus Levi

    A minor noble of Queensport, the younger son of his House and one of the Captains of the city guard. Before joining the Guard he spent a few years in East Fire as part of the Akran Army. He is currently courting Lady Daphne and their engagement is …

  • Zachariah Randolph

    Lord Zachariah Randolph is the eldest son of House Randolph and head of their house guard. He is betrothed to [[:lady-leila-chandler | Lady Leila Chandler]]. After her disappearance he is leading the efforts to find her.

  • Lady Astrid Calcifer

    [[File:697471 | class=media-item-align-center | 282x399px | 1f8252a8fe83df1aa448a9e77c6e0b39.jpg]] Astrid Calcifer had her debut in court at the age of 16, with an appearance of natural ease. It was as if conversation-surfing came naturally to her, …

  • Ana Calcifer

    The Lady of House Calcifer, and Astrid's adoptive mother. She is a fluroushing member of the Queensport court, and before marrying Lord Orvo was a High Witch of King Ephraim's Court. It is rumoured that she works with the Vine & Wave Expeditionary …

  • Orvo Calcifer

    Lord Orvo is the more quiet of the Calcifer pair, whilst his wife [[:lady-ana-calcifer | Lady Ana ]] is often seen at court Orvo often misses the basic court meetings only showing up to major events. As ex-military Orvo is rumored to work with either …

  • Vincenzo Diesel

    Lord Vincenzo Diesel is the eldest son of House Diesel and likely successor to the house. He handle many of the families trade ventures regarding the House Vineyards. He is also known to attend Lady Hawthorns', having a connection to the proprietor …

  • Lana Tregaria

    Lana is the only child of House Tregaria. Astrid has often run across her at court and Rana has some kind of link to her that is just starting to be known to the group. She is also linked to the Urchins through Juliana.

  • Alucard Emery

    Alucard Emery is an odd person, refered to either by Captain Emery or Lord Alucard dependant on the conversation partner, Emery himself will correct you if you use the wrong title. The group have mainly been told that it's 'Captain Emery' to them, …

  • Anne Lusca

    An unknown to most of the group, she clearly knows [[:marce-marcus-prumathe | Marcus]] and seems friendly with [[:captain-emery | Alucard]] & [[:alisa-emery | Alisa]]. She was also allowed to remain when the group spoke with [[:grace-shalloch | Grace]]. …

  • Gilda Levi

    The matriarch of House Levi. She states that she gave house power to her eldest son when her husband passed, however, it is well known that the Duke pressed for this to occur. The group has since found out that Gilda is head of the Queensport docks …

  • Theo Levi

    The current head of House Levi and the elder of the Levi brothers. Whereas Icarus joined the guard Theo has taken over the House business of managing the Queensport Docks. When talking of Theo, most speak of his mission to clean up the docks of …

  • Tobias Diesel

    Tobias is the middle son of House Diesel, and rival to Vinchenzo for the Houses' power. Unlike his brother however, Tobias shows little interest in gaining it. He primarily enjoys his time being a son of a High powered family.