Lords and Ladies of the Court

Houses of Queensport & their members

House Ipres

The King’s house, whilst he and the Queen reside in Dresgilioch their children spend most of their time in Queensport studying at the University. Both will often attend court, however, whereas Prince Antonin will often preside over Princess Grace prefers to leave the business to the Duke.

House Leir

The Duke’s house, a military house who are in charge of the Queensport Navy and have links with the Marnhish Armies. Daphne is set to take her father’s mantle as ruling Duchess in Queensport when he steps down and currently, she is in charge of the Queensport town guard. Ona, the younger daughter is a gem of the court and is betrothed to Prince Antonin.

House Calcifer

House Calcifer are a small but important family within Queensport, they are rumoured to be heavily linked to the Vine and Wave. Orvo is often out of the city.

House Diesel

House Diesel is a major trading family within Queensport, they own the larger of the two baronies within the Queensport lands, most of this land operate as Vineyards for the Diesel Wines company. However other fields rotating through other crops as necessary. Lord Emilio is currently bed ridden and expected to pass soon, Vincenzo is poised to take the lead within the house, with Tobias and Marco taking over elements of the house operations.

House Tregaria

House Tregaria are the main banking house of Queensport, their main holdings are kept in Dresgilioch like most banking families, however, they do operate the largest bank in Queensport.

House Levi

House Levi are a minor house primarily in charge of the docks, they are led by Theo Levi, his and Icarus’ father passed a few years back, neither Theo or Icarus are yet married, although Icarus engagement to Lady Daphne is rumoured to be coming this season. Their mother Lady Gilda is often found at court helping the younger ladies in their courtly duties and gossiping about anyone and everyone possible.

House Randolph

House Randolph own the secondary Barony outside of Queensport, although much smaller than the Diesel lands. Baroness Dorothea mostly spends time in the Barony attending court only for major events, her son Lord Zachariah, however, spends most of his time within the city gaining allies. House Randolph are a split house, they do not sit in one place as many others do, their barony provides soldiers to the Queensport Navy & town guard and the House itself also is involved in many trade ventures, although not a powerful house alone, they do have many allies.

House Chandler

House Chandler are a very small noble house that controls the Wizards tower within the city, alongside Oliver, the court wizard.

  • Lord Alton
  • Lady Rosana
  • Leila
  • Chase


  • Oliver Burrnis – The official Court Wizard, an openly powerful Wizard who has worked with the Dukes family as long as anyone can really remember.
  • Kathleen Callahan – A courtesan who has firmly placed herself at the centre of the social circles, a close friend of Lady Ona and often on her arm at social functions. Although not of Noble birth or a highborn her connections to Lady Ona have granted her passage to move in most circles.
  • Aegis Drumond – Princess Grace’s personal guard. Aegis trained within the Royal Army and has been working as Grace’s guard since she moved to Queensport.
  • Eliza Trithaw – Princess Grace’s lady in waiting, although not a central piece to court, Eliza is always seen with Princess Grace when she is out in public, she also often spends time at court in the Princess’ stead listening out for important details.
  • Felix Callae – Prince Antonin’s personal guard, Felix holds his own within the court, acting both as guard and friend to the Prince.

Lords and Ladies of the Court

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