The Broken Claw

The Broken Claw are the Mercenaries Guild of Marnh, run by Rainan Osher although some do still choose to act independently more and more Mercs are finding themselves drawn to the Guild. They operate out of Queensport primarily, choosing the central area away from the King’s own gaze.

The Guild offers a minor level of protection from the city guards, paying off the easily bribable ones to look the other way when they know of guild business. Although this won’t protect from Lady Daphne & her more loyalist brigades, The Guild can usually move around safely within The Plunge, The Point and The Harbour with little interference.

Within the Guild there are guild ranks, primarily to keep inefficient members from affecting the overall reputation of the guild. As fairly new Guild members you are assigned a ‘mentor’ whose job it is to beat the shit out of you if you mess up, your mentor is Urit Malachi a Rain Troll with a flawless reputation.

All Guild members are aware of The Guild House located within The Point and both The Hi Dive and Swagger Inn bars within Student Row and The Point respectively. Although not exclusively for Guild Members it is rare that anyone within these bars is in town on entirely legitimate business.

The Hi Dive


Swagger Inn


The Broken Claw

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