The Ebon Falcons


Rana’s shiny new Thieves’ Guild, The Ebon Falcons have big aspirations. Based out of The Amorous Krack-Inn in Queensport’s docks (cunningly hid behind a fishmongers), for now, the Falcons are keeping a somewhat low profile. Very aware that if the Angel Scream noticed them at this tender stage of their development it wouldn’t be much of a fight, the Falcons are quietly building their strength. They are recruiting only individuals known personally by other members, with a preference for those at odds with the Angel Scream (though avoiding individuals who have been expelled for things like stealing directly from the Guild, or having a penchant for random slaughter).


Berman – A Seradynn troll with a talent for money, Berman is both the barkeep of the Krack-Inn and treasurer for the Falcons. Despite his talents, be kept quiet and flew under the radar of Angel Scream. However, an encounter with Rana when she was with the Screams led to a mutual respect of each other, and Berman didn’t take much convincing to come on board.

Helga – A nine blood built like the proverbial brick shit house. She goes where Berman goes, and it’s pretty clear that they’re more than just friends. Helga is the bouncer for the Krack-Inn, and isn’t opposed to Krack-Inn a few heads together for the Falcons.

The Ebon Falcons

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