Adine Saga

Captain of the Drum Tide Fleet

Keen Eye

Checked: Pre-December 2017

  • Weath Level: 3
  • Home Region: Opana
  • Class Titles: Rogue/Clerk
  • Inspirations: 1 Love & 1 Desire
  • Captain within the Drum Tide Argosy

Adine is in charge of the more practical workings at the Drum Tide Argosy trading company, in her interactions with the group she has been a tad flaky unless related directly to the businesses deeds.

Through Tali, the group is aware she is a Princess of Something, although as of yet unaware of what. She has said she wants to find her human family, and through keen eye related methods the group told her she was probably from Opana.

Adine Saga

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