zz Deceased - Alucard Emery

Pirate Captain of The Nightspire


Alucard Emery is an odd person, referred to either by Captain Emery or Lord Alucard dependant on the conversation partner, Emery himself will correct you if you use the wrong title. The group have mainly been told that it’s ‘Captain Emery’ to them, although as a Noble he has left the decision to Astrid on which title she wishes to use.

He is a pirate captain known in many ports across The Claw, he was seen in The Shadows and Sparrows during the tournament and was seen being shouted at by Celaena. In the tournament he fought in the Swashbuckler style, giving Rana a decent fight and eventually winning out. He was then defeated by Ziv in the second round. During the Prince’s birthday, his ‘Lord’ title was revealed as was his sister Lady Alisa. The pair were in attendance when the group spoke with Grace Shalloch.

He is currently out of the city, with the Princess. Although on his last message Alucard had asked to be body switched with Rhys as he thought him truly in danger from Celaena. What is happening now is not known to the party.

Alucard and Rhys had returned to the city, for reasons as of yet unknown to the party. However, due to the body swap, Rhy was caught up as a target for the execution and Alucard was shot by Celaena whilst trying to rescue him.

zz Deceased - Alucard Emery

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