Keen Eye

Checked: 21/09

  • Weath Level: 2
  • Home Region: Marnh
  • Class Titles: Rogue
  • Inspirations: 1 Love & 1 Drive



Grenne is a known member of The Angel Scream Guild, he’s often seen about the city, usually in the wake of something expensive going missing.

Recently he’d taken a step up in the guild, bragging when he was seen in lower-city by Rana, Marcus and Halmund (when they broke in to steal Ziv’s armour). He agreed not to raise the alarm when Rana bribed him however it cost him in the long run. He’s been seen sporting a black eye and broken arm.

Grenne was on of the number taken by the guard leading up to Lily’s Ball and later rescued, although it would seem he came out with fewer injuries, possibly however because his arm was already broken when he was captured. Grenne won’t talk about what happened if he can help it.


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