Lady Astrid Calcifer

Golden child of House Calcifer, Sharp of wit and claw


Lady Astrid Calcifer

Base Info:
Class: Noble Level: 11 (Jungle Countess)
Race: Princess of Wolves Gender: Female
Mood: 4/6 Body 5/5
Wealth: 4 0 Probably Organisation: House Calcifer
Strength: 4
Quickness: 6
Reason: 8
Charisma: 9
Magic: 7
Heart 6
Drive for Personal Independence
Love of her Raptor brethren, Rackshaw and Skritt (and her sister Lily) 2
Love of Ziv 4

Degree in Law from Queensport University 6
Survivor of the Wilds 14
Adopted into House Calcifer 6
Alpha/Leader of the Pack 10
Duelist with Words 12
Leading a Double Life 6
Language – Marnhate Native
Noted Child of House Calcifer 12
Straight Talker 12
Consorts with Dangerous People 14
Landed 6
Friend of the Angel 10
Lottery Winner -8
Honourable Member of the Angel Scream Guild 8
Fighting Styles: -
Magic Styles: Weremagic (M)
Dramba (A)
Language of Stars (M)
Racial Ability: Princess of Wolves +1 HRT and may loan an Insp. once per scene to another in my pack
Class Abilities: Noble House You begin play with control of a noble house with Scope 1: House Calcifer
Reputation Spend your Charisma score in points on Reputations. You cannot spend more than 4 points in a single reputation from this ability. Every time you gain a new title (levels 5, 10, 15 and 20), you gain your Charisma in reputation points.
Leader Once per scene (or day) per person, you can raise a friend’s Mood by 3 points with only a short conversation, blessing, command, or gesture
Ruin When you hit with a social attack in front of a suitable audience, instead of causing damage as normal, you can cause the victim to lose 1d6 Wealth
Levels. You can do this only once per season per target, and the audience must include people whose opprobrium can ruin your opponent’s credit, honor, holdings, or contact network.
Impose When an opponent is at 0 Mood and you make a successful social attack against him, you can impose yourself on his psyche and force him to take you or something about you as a point of Inspiration.
Talents: Public Relations (Ma) You are a master at public relations. For every positive reputation you have at 7 or higher, you gain a gift from the admiring multitudes. If your reputation is 7 or higher, you gain one item of Wealth Level 9 or less. In addition, if your reputation is 11-15 and you have the major version of this talent, you gain a statue and a holiday. The statue grants you a new reputation, Memorialized (6), with anyone who sees the statue. In a region that celebrates your holiday, on that day, your maximum Mood increases to 6 above its maximum, and you receive as tribute one item of Wealth Level equal to your character level
Shadow Caster (Mi) You roll your magic levels as a bonus die when attempting to remain hidden while casting a spell or when attempting to avoid being detected as spellbound. You can use this once per scene.
Moved by Propinquity (Ma) If the focus of your Inspiration is another person and she is present in your area, you may use that Inspiration one extra time per scene. With the major talent, you can do the same but your Inspiration need only be less than a handful of areas away; with the grand talent, you can use this ability as long as you saw your Inspiration sometime today.
Gear Quality Gold Price Wealth Lvl Defense
Fixer’s Fang 7 2800 WL8 N/A
Generic Scrub Clothes - - WL2 N/A
Whole Buncha Raptors and Kitties - - - Don’t mess with the best ‘cause the best don’t mess
Silk Metal Tunic 6 3600 WL9 N/A
Nobles Wardrobe 10 3600 WL9 N/A
Cottage 3 - WL8 2
Bazaar Stall (+1 Income) 1 - WL4 -
Tavern (Kingsman) (+1 Income) 4 - WL9 2
Town Horse (Barty) - - WL4 N/A
Bourgeoisie Wardrobe 5 - WL4 N/A
Personal Guard – Moira - WL4 N/A
Oran-ja Hair Pin (x2) 3 - WL2 N/A
Stiletto 1 - WL2 N/A


Astrid Calcifer had her debut in court at the age of 16, with an appearance of natural ease. It was as if conversation-surfing came naturally to her, and the air of noble superiority was as oxygen to her. Her frank and honest conversation (and more often than not, condescension or contempt) refreshed some and irritated others. Her divisive nature of discussion has gotten her rather a name for herself; as do the rumours about her family. Enjoying the privilege and the game that the world of the court of the King offers, Astrid actively entertains some aspects of playing along.

At home, Astrid is more true to her old nature – wilder and more vulnerable and less the clean-edged dagger but the world-worn sword. Whether she is truly committed to her House or, perhaps, longs to be free some day, is yet to be seen. She enjoys the thrill of hunting and yet still holds insecurities as to her past and…her other self. Insecurities she can be viciously defensive over. Desperate for approval yet rebuking of the ties of nobility, Astrid strangely finds peace in both her private and public personalities, in different ways.

As to which she prefers….why does it have to be either or?

Lady Astrid Calcifer

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