Lady Essie Hawthorn

Sexy but badass


Lady Hawthorn

Base Info:
Class: Courtesan Level: 3
Race: Nineblood Gender: Female
Love of exotic males3
Desire to see women succeed4
Madame of Lady Hawthorn’s Whoreporium10
Studied Economic & Business at Queensport University6
Spent time with her father on his fishing boat5
Adept at the ways of Blackmail11
Watchful eye on the streets of Marn7
Language – MarnhishNative
Brothel Madame7
Always Packing Heat7
I know things…7
Favored Prostitute of Lord Diesel6
Fighting Styles:Black Powder Musketeer (A)
Magic Styles:Hearts (M)
Racial Ability:NinebloodUse inspiration twice per scene
Class Abilities:Friends at CourtYou can call in a favor from a
friendly organization once per scene (or week).
ReputationSpend your Charisma score in points on Reputations. You cannot spend more than 4 points in a single reputation from this ability. Every time you gain a new title (levels 5, 10, 15 and 20), you gain your Charisma in reputation points.
LeaderOnce per scene (or day) per person, you can raise a friend’s Mood by 3 points with only a short conversation, blessing, command, or gesture
ImposeWhen an opponent is at 0 Mood and you make a successful social attack against him, you can impose yourself on his psyche and force him to take you or something about you as a point of Inspiration.
Talents:Public Relations (Mi)You are a master at public relations. For every positive reputation you have at 7 or higher, you gain a gift from the admiring multitudes. If your reputation is 7 or higher, you gain one item of Wealth Level 9 or less.
Improved Critial (Mi)critical hits do +3 rather than +2 damage (minor);
Gear Quality Gold PriceWealth LvlDefense
Wheellock Pistol--
Brothel "-82
Studded Leather Armour 2-2-
Dagger x2 2-2-
Exceptional Wardrobe3-2-
Sleeve Tattoo of seaweed vines2-1-
Garter Tattoo 2-1-

Brick dust line
Hex area

Lady Essie Hawthorn

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