Marce 'Marcus' Prumathe

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Marce ‘Marcus’ Prumathe

Base Info:
Class: Trader Level: 13
Race: Islander Gender: Male
Mood: 8/9 Body 5/5
Wealth: 2 Organisation: The Emerald Dragon Trading Group
Strength: 6
Quickness: 6
Reason: 6
Charisma: 10
Magic: 4
Heart 9
Desire to find a better form of society 4
Desire to freely travel the world 3
Contempt for Efren Summers, the guy who wrecked my boat 2
Sea Trader of the ports of The Claw 20
Part of the Broken Claw 10
Snake Oil Salesman 12
Survived in an environment of emotional turmoil 14
Keen eye for danger 16
’Skilled Negotiator 14
Language – Islander Native
Language – Marnhate Fluent
Language – Akran Fluent
Language – Avedinian Proficient
Friend of the Urchins 6
Trader if Marnh 7
Friend of the Angel 7
Wanted by the Queenspot town guard -4
Fighting Styles: Swashbuckler (a)
Five Seasons (M)
Black Powder & Crimson Blade (a)
Racial Ability: Islander Once per scene per character, can lower the Doom for an action at will
Class Abilities: To the Heart Once per scene per target, you can damage an Inspiration with successful social attack, whether or not your opponent is at 0 Mood.
Exotica 1: Gain 1 Quickness 2: Apprentice fighting Style 3: Social or Shadow Talent 4: Level 15 5: Level 20
Polygot At each title level, gain an new language at proficiency level an level the previous language to fluent
Leader Once per character per scene (day), can raise that character’s Mood by 3.
Sell Once per scene, add Trader level die to roll to sell something. Can be used as Impose..
Talents: Keen Eye (Major) Roll Social levels or Reason against doom. On success, learn target’s mood, wealth level, home region, class titles and the area of their inspirations.
Secret Sharer (Major) Person with a shared secret get +1 max mood till secret comes out.
Manager (Minor) Organisation Efficiency +1
Emotional Paralysis (Major) Upon winning a social scene, target opponent cannot regain Mood for two days.
Gear Quality Gold Price Wealth Lvl
Longsword 3 300 3
Leather Armour 2 300 3
Grapple gun and belt winch 4 300 3
Trader exceptional wardrobe 3 100 2
Tattoo (Left Shoulder) 2 50 1

Marcus, real name Marce Prumathe is a human male in his mid-twenties (~25, he doesn’t know exactly). He is of slightly below average height and is recognisable as having come from the Dragon Isles due to his dark skin and pale blue eyes. He has black hair with a slight wave to it that goes down to just above his shoulders. Has a lithe build due to years spent helping out on trading vessels (being well toned, but not quite possessing the muscles associated with someone who did the heavy lifting). His chest and stomach are covered in numerous small scars and a single large scar on his right chest, though they seem unnaturally faded. He also has a tattoo on his left shoulder of a bizarre crest, though he always keeps it hidden.
Marcus’ clothing is recognisable as the wardrobe of a trader, but outside of when he’s actually trading, he tends to ditch the bulkier parts of the outfit in favour of dressing light so as not to restrict his movement, often wearing a robe over it to help conceal his identity if necessary. He also owns some more appropriately high-class clothes that he wears on more formal occasions. In general, he tends towards darker shades, but has a preference for green highlights on his more expensive clothing (including his robe).
Marcus is able to put up a front as a friendly trader, or able to act respectfully in front of nobility, but is ultimately quite a quiet and cautious man. He’s very slow to form anything more than a professional relationship with people and is very reluctant to talk in detail about his past, or his real feelings on anything (in no small part due his experiences on the islands.)

Marce grew up on one of the many Dragon Isles to the South-East of The Claw. On this particular island, the inhabitant’s emotions were thrown out of control by strange, seasonal magic (?)

After a series of incidents, a fifteen year old Marce escaped the island on a makeshift boat. Before this course of action lead to dying of starvation drifting alone on the sea, he was miraculously picked up by a merchant ship. For the next five years, Marcus served on this ship, gaining knowledge of the Claw and taking the more familiar sounding name Marcus.

After the death of the merchant ships captain, Marcus left the ship and began to set himself up as an independent trader in Queensport, quickly working his way up to owning his own ship and traveling the Claw.

This all ended about a year ago, when what seems to have been a freak accident with the cargo he was transporting for a fellow merchant destroyed his ship, rendering him stuck in Queensport once again. Here, Marcus used his contacts in the Broken Claw guild to join up and hope to once again earn the money he needs to sail the seas once more

Marce 'Marcus' Prumathe

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