The roguest of rogues



Base Info:
Class: Rogue Level: 17
Race: Rain Troll Gender: F
Wealth:4Organisation:The Ebon Falcons
Drive to be the best4
Contempt of the rich1
cannot love
Trained thief of Marne20
Worked with Drum Tide Argosy Smugglers20
Trained to physical peak20
Trained in manipulation20
Reads people20
Language – MarnhateNative
Language – Avidinian3
Language – Thyran2
Friend of Urchins6
Friend of the Angel5
Wanted by everybody-7

Secret Identity Role Reputations
AbbyPalace servant10 – loyal servant of the crown
8 – rehabilitated from a life of crime
4 – can be confided in
Antoinette CapetianAvedinian noble10 -Noble of Avedine
8 – Surrounded by an aura of mystery
Fighting Styles:Black powder, crimson blade (M)
Swashbuckler (M)
Twin weapon (A)
Court sword (A)
Racial Ability:Rain trollRegeneration, history starts at 6, removable hand
Class Abilities:HuntedDuring a chase, treat your quickness as one die size higher
TricksterGain a history point each level to 1 of 3 rogue histories
AmbushSurprise attack someone out of combat with less levels that you. If quickness >= body+mood, they die
False IdentityMembership in 2 organisations
HeadhunterAttack an organisation
Rogue’s lifeMajor talent
Talents:Poisoner (major)Treat poison as 2 better quality
Administrator (major)+3 to organisation’s force, shadow or arcana
Improved critical (Grand)+4 damage on a crit, crit when opponent rolls 1,2,3
Harrowing (Grand) give in or take a scar(as many times as you want)
Gear Quality Gold PriceWealth Lvl
wheel-lock pistol 3600-
wheel-lock pistol 3600-
wheel-lock pistol 3600-
Roofsword 54
grappling gun 53
Fixer’s Fang 2800-
Sword 3300-
Sword 4300-
Priest, Artisan, Magnate, Kingsman Wardrobe4300-
Longsword 2-2
Studded Leather Armour 2-2

Rana grew up on the streets of Queensport, running with a group of other children called the “Street Urchins”. It was a hard life, but it conditioned her into the tough young woman she is today. Rana is driven, and won’t let anything stand her way. It’s this inner strength that led to her being recruited by the Angel Scream Guild. That, and her prodigious talent, of course.

After several years, Rana felt the challenges of being a member of the Angel Scream were quickly becoming stale. She joined the Broken Claw in search of fresh ways to challenge and improve herself. After all, what job is as varied as that of a mercenary?


The Broken Claw martycamp