Tag: Lady Hawthorn's Whoreporium


  • Natasha

    Natasha is the brashest of the ladies of the Whoreporium, she has a set of clientele that prefers someone more loud spoken. Because of this, she is also the unofficial second in command, with Meryl and Vix deferring to her when Essie isn't around.

  • Vix

    VIx is one of the whores of The Whoreporium, she is the quietest of the main three, often hovering in the background. She was caught up in the Surge that Astrid/Essie caused, knocking her unconscious for a few days, she seems unchanged after waking.

  • Meryl

    Meryl is the happier, peppier of the ladies of the Whoreporium, she often uses her words cleverly however, often saying one thing and meaning something entirely different.