Cryptic Bullshit


Seek a group who work for gold, five members but a sixth cajoled.
Start with one who hides her truth, by blinding those around with youth.
A home of sorts with she who flails, help her find her claws and scales.
Be wary though, of one in shadow, the path she’s on is one quite narrow.
A friend you’ll find in he of smoke, be wary though not to provoke.
And lastly there you’ll find is he, the one with mark of Open Sea.
This group can lead you to great power, be wary though the ticking hours,
If you’re discovered by the King, I cannot stop a bell that rings.

Be wary of the Killer Beast
What once held back is now released
If she walks alive and free
At danger most your friends at sea

Also fear the right-hand scream
His path unclear but most extreme
The Angel gone, the King a threat
To me, one pays the final debt.

It seems fate plays her twisted games
A plan laid out, now seem in flames
Another comes, their fate is twisted
But if you can should be assisted
A chosen comes, the one of lost
Your paths it seems shall be crossed


The War of Royals is not your fate,
But will impede your path if not set straight.
There are Lost involved who’ll need your aid,
One already whose fate has frayed.
Find the youngest lost your friends have saved,
She’ll lead you to them and the path fate paves.

Another Lost of fur and tree, hers a path of destiny.
One of knowledge, smoke, and gears, smart but always teased by peers.
One of Shadow, but not of lost, she’ll find her home but for a cost.
One of the Ocean and a place far past, A heart once rocked but now steadfast.
One of lineage, to herself a stranger, but be wary now, the reveal brings danger.

As a group, they are quite strange, but within them the power to bring mighty change.
Aid them in their Royal quest, and onwards to their final test
And when time comes when fate calls your name, they shall endeavour to do the same.


Unbalancing fate, their power wrong
Once comes a chosen, they’re one for one.
Take first to lady, the saboteur
Restore the balance, they must confer.
It will take more, it will take three
Not ones of death, but ash and tree.
She’ll call for one, she calls for death,
Be wary of your final breath.


Death, Chaos and Lost aligned
Agreements made, a deal signed
The crown must fall, the time is soon
The guard the last, you have three moons
Don’t let this fail, don’t let it break
Bigger than all, so much at stake.

Cryptic Bullshit

The Broken Claw Rastawn