King Ephraim IV, Queen Marta, Princess Grace & Prince Antonin


4 (5 in Queensport & 12 in Dresgilioch)




Average, although strong in Sea related things.
All sea related items can be purchased at one wealth level lower than listed.

Culture lines:

  • Royal: All naval organizations have an addition 2 force
  • Royal: Anyone who’s childhood was spent in Marnh gains 2 skill points to be spent on Sea related skill/history
  • Queensport: Queensport is shifting as a place to one that welcomes many, as such anyone within the ciy limits with an inspiration regarding finding a home gains an addition heart point.

Notable things about Marnh

The Lottery:

Known across The Claw, the lottery is a way the king inspires fear amongst his subjects. During the lottery, commoners are gathered into a location. A local baron/bishop or even sometimes a Peasant king will preside over the ceremony. Through varying methods of either a truly random draw or just picking someone, a ‘winner’ is selected. This winner is often a family person.

Their prize is relocation to villages/camps where they are said to live in luxury. Wizards are said to scour their memories for any ‘betrayal’ of the King’s ways. Lovers betray their partners, revolutionaries their groups, even a common peasant with slight inspirations will betray themselves.


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